Friday, November 13, 2009

Celebrating One Year at Chateau Papillon

This post is a couple of days late, but we celebrated one year as happy homeowners at Chateau Papillon on Tuesday. We closed last November 10th and thus began the first phase of of what we hope to be many years of making the home our own, from the travails of taking out glued-down carpet and installing a slightly too-wide gas range to installing bamboo floors

We've still got many more renovations planned, including a "wine bistro" in the cellar, painting the guest bedroom (and adding to it a walk-in closet for much-needed storage space), and eventually adding a deck and balconies to overlook our back yard. Everyone says, "You'll still be working on things 30 years later," and given my mom only got her baseboards put in some 30 years after the house had been built, I'm sure they're right.


Andy Breeden said...


Congratulations on one year in the new digs. You are correct in that you will never be finished improving. After seven years in our townhouse we are now in the process of improving on previous improvements. Vicious cycle.


John Nolley II said...

Thanks, Andy. Indeed, though I went through a list of the initial projects we made last fall and crossed several out as "complete," we've still got so many more to do! I'm not looking forward to the improving the previous improvements, though I am certain your experience will be borne out here as well!