Friday, August 21, 2009

Is "Jug Boy" Cursed? Welcoming a Creepy Statue to the Garden

Ever since we began working on our garden, Beth and I have been in search of some really creepy statuary to add to the atmosphere: things like cemetery angels with pupil-less eyes and twisted garden gnomes. The fountain sculpture we found the other day meets that description almost flawlessly, I must say. Welcome "Jug Boy" to our garden... and pray he isn't cursed!

Creepy Jug BoyLast Friday, I got a last-minute call to go to Saint Louis for work, and on Monday before my flight out, I passed by Sam's Farms garden center in Falls Church. What caught my eye was their vast statuary collection. Yesterday afternoon, Beth and I paid them a visit and found quite a spectacular group of garden statues, all cast in concrete or metal (not cheap resin like many places), and quite a good number of them creepy indeed.

We saw a Medusa-headed wall fountain tile (well, her hair was probably grape vines instead of snakes... but she sure looked evil nonetheless), several fantastically frightening (but expensive) gargoyles, all manner of typical children, angels, monks, and animals... and even some gnomes I'd swear were inappropriately touching themselves--and you can just imagine where the fountain hook-up was on those last few.

But what really caught our eye was this fountain statue tagged "Jug Boy." The garden center actually had three or four of this same piece, but the one pictured somehow had a just-slightly-different expression than the others--and a clearly twisted and evil one at that. Combine the effects of weather with the leering face, and you can easily imagine this little imp pouring buckets of blood or coming to life beneath the light of a bad moon to set forth on some murderous rampage, collecting souls to be dragged back to hell.

So now Jug Boy has a new home; he joins the creepy naked cherub fountain Beth found tossed to the curb and a demented little gnome we found on clearance at Home Depot and awaits the coming of a fallen angel or perhaps a sacrificial altar.

We're working on a small pond; I picked up a decent pump (to replace the one in the flowerpot fountain I made for Beth a couple of anniversaries back) so we can plumb the ewer held in the demonspawn child's hands, and now we've got another project, and another creepy member of the backyard.

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