Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Ironic Justice on the Housing Front

Last year when Beth and I were looking to buy a home, we had one lined up and ready to go--all we were waiting on was for my townhouse sale to close.  Due to a bad buyer and his awful mortgage broker, my sale didn't close until nearly two months after its contracted date, costing us that potential home when the seller decided to go with another offer he'd received.

As we kept searching for the right home, we noticed a month or two later that there was now a "for sale by owner" sign in that same home's yard.  Our agent found out that the sale which had bumped us to the curb had subsequently fallen through, and the seller had given his agent the boot.  We decided not to go down that route again--the seller's refusal to budge on the price despite the continuing-to-plummet market factored less in the decision than the fact we'd already lost out twice on that same home.

In the end, we waited out a short sale and bought Chateau Papillon, where we've been quite pleased and have settled in.  Here's the ironic justice in this story: Beth was out walking the dogs through the neighborhood yesterday and noticed that the home we'd tried to buy had been hit by a tree!  No major damage appeared to have been done, but nonetheless, the owner (who is currently renting the place out, I believe) who missed out on a sale to us now has to deal with repairs, too.  I guess we ended up in the right place after all.

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