Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Shelves, More Books ... Continued Library Work

I wanted to put together a quick post to cover some more of the work I've gotten done since Saturday for the library at Chateau Papillon.  The first wall's shelves are now pretty well loaded, and I've gotten the front case moulding in place.  I'd gotten the crown moulding set in place, measured, double-checked, checked again, test-fit, and then finally cut... but something seems to be off on the left edge (which should be a 22.5 degree inside angle--yes, crown is tougher to cut, but I double-checked it several times with test pieces).  Maybe it's fine; I kept thinking the piece that runs to the wall (visible at the top right) was wrong, but it's perfect.

Next, I've gotten a lot of the second wall done, too.  The first three standards are in place along with the two long shelves which finish framing the window; what's left is standard to the left which will create another slender unit (a couple of inches wider than the one on the right).  Then I'll cap the standards with the top board and install the face and crown moulding, too.  Last will be an extension on the HVAC duct, which will allow me to box it in tightly and put in a couple of shelves above it (right now, they'd get too hot in the winter without the extension).

There will be a corner unit between the two walls; the shelves are going to be a bit tricky to cut (with a 45 degree front face--and possibly the same in the back if I install a slender backer board in the corner itself).  But that's nothing compared to the crown moulding, whose ends meet at 22.5 degree inside "corners."  At nearly $2/foot, I can't risk many fouled-up cuts on that stuff!

Forgive the wide angle distortion in the above photo; however, it should give an idea of how the library's really coming along.  I've unpacked another four to five cartons of books--only somewhere north of 15 left (eek!), with many of those oddly-sized books which will shelve much less neatly.  Still, we've got the corner units to build, another slender unit to the left of the window framing, and two units up to the window on the third wall--and perhaps that window will be framed in, too.  The latter will necessitate more lumber, though; I'm down to two full sheets of plywood and cut sheets for another two standards and several shelves.

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