Monday, August 11, 2008

Deux Papillons--C'est Tres Adorable!

Having previously shared my "Papillon Gothic" photo of Didi, I wanted to follow-up with a photo of our other Papillon, Chance aka Chançois aka Poop, with a little bit of backstory to explain his scatalogical nickname.

Chance is technically my wife Beth's Papillon (Didi being mine); she adopted her "little bundle of poo" after being won over to the breed by Didi. As to Chance's nickname... well, so far, he's lived up to it while sleeping in my sister's bed, in my wife's shoes, and, worst of all, in the captain's chair on the bridge of the Exerda (yes, he pooped in my office chair!)

Lest Didi feel left out, here's a photo of the precious puppy herself, "celebrating" being such a cute Papillon. (Didi will perform said trick on the command "celebrate" or with the appropriate hand signals--a perfect example of adding a signal to a pre-existing behavior.)

Didi's and Chance's photos here won for the "Cutest Bitch" and "Cutest Dog," respectively, in the United Papillon and Phalene Association's online dog show. Chance and Didi may not be eligible to compete in conformance events (aka dog shows), but at least they can be champions of cuteness!

I took the photos in our living room, with a sheet hastily hung on the wall behind them (hence the many folds--I should have dragged out the iron!), atop our dining room table with a soft throw placed atop it. I experimented a lot with the lighting, using a Canon 580 EX II atop my camera with a 420 EX slaved to it from the side (hence the light cast evident to the right in Didi's portrait) and aimed to break up the shadows cast onto the sheet behind them. One of these days, I'll pick up some real studio lights, but I think my setup worked fairly well--don't you?

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