Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebrating Beth's Birthday, Again and In Style

This year, my wife Beth celebrated a big birthday, leaving behind her 30s.  Much like our Christmas celebrations, we've extended Beth's birthday over a fairly long period (reaching 10 days now from her actual anniversary of coming into the world), and yesterday, our friends Becky and Dwayne took us to our favorite restaurant, 2941 (consistently rated one of the top restaurants in Virginia).

We never turn down a chance to visit 2941 and enjoy the food, though we tried to dissuade Becky as it's not exactly a cheap place to eat!  But she wouldn't take "no" for an answer, so we got to enjoy a fine night of food.  Beth had an absolutely fantastic fish: the "pesceterian" enjoyed a dish of spicy lime-infused Suzuki (Japanese-style sea bass); Becky and Dwayne both opted for an equally good black bass, and I indulged my carnivorous side with the first rabbit I'd had since a 2002 trip to the UK.

Even though the restaurant didn't have the chocolate dessert which graced a recent Washingtonian Magazine cover (as the server explained, they'd begged the magazine to use a photo of a current dessert vs. one from over a year ago), dessert was great.  My only disappointment is that 2941 seems to have discontinued their practice of bringing homemade cotton candy with the check (or should that be "cheque"?), though the English toffee they did serve was good--if not up to the par set by my friend (and trained chef) Matt Perkins' standards for the dessert.

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