Monday, December 28, 2009

Conjuring Some Happy Travel Memories: Biscoff Cookies Rule!

Given the frustrations of the knee-jerk security shenanigans going on in the United States at the moment amidst the attempted bombing of an airliner, I wanted to think some "happy travel thoughts." So I dug out a few items from my travel shoebox, like the United p.s. business class menu, 1K drink "chits," boarding passes, and my iPod and the Bose QC2 noise cancelling headphones Beth gave me several years ago for Christmas.

But perhaps the best happy travel memory is evoked by a gift from Beth's mom this year: several packages of Biscoff cookies.  Just about anyone who's flown has to have had one of these crispy, cinnamony crackers at some point, and for me they really put me in the mood for flying.  Thanks to P.A.T.'s thoughtful gift, I can enjoy that bit of travel nostalgia without having to go through the hassles of airport security and weather delays!

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