Friday, May 1, 2009

Chateau Papillon Bird #47: Great-crested Flycatcher

Add another to the Chateau Papillon list (#47), as well as to both my and Beth's life lists: the Great-crested Flycatcher.  I had my office window open this morning to take some photos of a pair of Northern Flickers who'd been hanging out, foraging for ants, when I spied a fairly large bird land in one of the trees around the yard.

Although I had problems focusing on him, I did get a couple of (low quality) photos, and heard him calling... and a quick consultation of Sibley's showed the bird to be unmistakably the flycatcher, a summer bird for our region.

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John Nolley II said...

As predicted, we have bird #48 now: the Grey Catbird. Beth originally saw one hanging out on Monday, and yesterday evening I saw one in one of our dogwoods, singing away.