Sunday, April 26, 2009

Updated Bird List for Chateau Papillon

As May approaches, I wanted to put together a comprehensive bird list for Chateau Papillon, along with a few choice photos I hadn't previously shared.  We're at 46 birds currently, with several additions just the past few days.

First, Beth and I heard a Barred Owl on the 24th, its distinctive "Who-cooks-for-you; who-cooks-for-you-all?" call in and of itself good enough to land the bird on our list--but then later that same evening, we saw it land in a tree at the edge of the yard, only to be mobbed by a flock of angry Blue Jays.

This morning, we got one expected but still great-to-see bird, the Rose-breasted Grosbeak, along with an unexpected delight: an Indigo Bunting.  I spotted the bunting when trying to describe the position of a female Eastern Bluebird to Beth so she could get a closer look through her binoculars; a small blue bird landed nearby--too small to be a bluebird--and then buzzed our feeder a few times, giving us a better look at the pleasant surprise addition to our list.
  1. Bluebird, Eastern
  2. Bunting, Indigo
  3. Cardinal, Northern
  4. Chickadee, Carolina
  5. Cowbird, Brown
  6. Creeper, Brown
  7. Crow, American
  8. Crow, Fish
  9. Dove, Mourning
  10. Finch, House
  11. Finch, Purple
  12. Flicker, Northern
  13. Goldfinch, American
  14. Goose, Canada
  15. Grackle, Common
  16. Grosbeak, Rose-breasted
  17. Hawk, Cooper's
  18. Hawk, Red-shouldered
  19. Hawk, Red-tailed
  20. Jay, Blue
  21. Junco, Dark-eyed
  22. Kingbird, Eastern
  23. Mallard
  24. Mockingbird, Northern
  25. Nuthatch, White-breasted
  26. Owl, Barred
  27. Phoebe, Eastern
  28. Robin, American
  29. Siskin, Pine
  30. Sparrow, Chipping
  31. Sparrow, Fox
  32. Sparrow, House
  33. Sparrow, Song
  34. Sparrow, White-crowned
  35. Sparrow, White-throated
  36. Starling, European
  37. Titmouse, Tufted
  38. Towhee, Eastern
  39. Vulture, Turkey
  40. Waxwing, Cedar
  41. Woodpecker, Downy
  42. Woodpecker, Hairy
  43. Woodpecker, Pileated
  44. Woodpecker, Red-bellied
  45. Wren, Carolina
  46. Wren, House

I expect to see at least several more (such as a Grey Catbird, perhaps some of the orioles or tanagers of the region, and maybe a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher and a kinglet or two) through the rest of spring and into summer.

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