Friday, August 29, 2008

Puppy Mills Make Me Cry

I'm not typically one for tears, but the Washington Post's coverage of the bust of a Parkersburg, WV, puppy mill did get me a bit bleary-eyed this morning.

Our pets should always be treated as companions, not as commodities or property. They deserve the loving care and respect that any member of the family would receive.

Many people advocate adopting shelter and rescue dogs exclusively as one way to both thwart puppy mills and to also help give needy pets a loving home. However, don't neglect the role of a good breeder; although some advocates of shelter adoptions completely eschew breeders as either "part of the problem" at worst or not helping the situation at best, I argue that adopting a dog through a reputable breeder is very important and should not be seen as "bad" in any way.

Adopting shelter and rescue dogs gives them a good home, yes; however, puppy mills will continue to pump out the same sorts of dogs which end up in shelters and in need of rescue. Obtaining dogs through reputable breeders helps dry up the demand for puppy mill dogs and simultaneously supports the continued hard work of those breeders who are devoted to the health and good lives of their dogs.

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