Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Opening Thoughts

I've fought against putting up a real, honest-to-god blog for some time. I'm not sure why--I've plenty to say, anyway, and I don't think it's just that my wife objects to the whole word "blog" for some reason (she always sneers "BLAAAUGH!" when Jack Cafferty on CNN refers viewers to his blog, for example).

I've had Web sites that basically were blogs dating back to the pre-blogging era itself, and I actually worked for a while on blogging technology when it first became the "hot" thing--though I never could quite work out a good use case for blogs in the Intelligence Community; we're talking, after all, about a group of people not exactly inclined to share information. (Though they do seem a bit more excited about social bookmarking, which I've developed for them as part of my day job--but that's another story.)

Given my substantial Web presence otherwise, though, and the need to vent to someone other than my wife, family, and various online persons across forums from frequent traveling to photography, the day has at last come for me to start a blog of my own.

So I'll be posting about things from my daily life--the frustrations of finding the perfect house, incidents from the lives of our fauniferous zoo, my most recent bird photography, writing, and so forth--on at least a somewhat regular basis. I can only hope you, the reader, will find something of interest within my rather verbose ramblings from time to time.

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