Monday, August 18, 2008

Adieu, Vienna

It was a great three years living in Vienna, Virginia, but the weekend saw the end of our time on Tapawingo Road. We'll certainly miss the neighborhood and the yard, though we're also looking forward to buying a home and finding a place we can really make our own.

Our time in Vienna was somewhat bittersweet, though, seeing the passing of all three of Beth's "dingoes": long-haired Dachshunds Agi, Ziggy, and Geronimo; along with our cat Moon, and several "bappies," or baby birds, which the cockatiels had tried to hatch and raise. And though I don't believe in the supernatural, I will say something seemed a bit "off" at the house at times, something not unlike I'd expect a haunted home to feel.

Malevolent presence walking the nighttime halls? Unquiet spirits reaching out for the living? Coincidence and over-active imagination, most likely, but still something which has inspired my creative side with several horror story ideas.

Haunted or not, though, we'll miss the home in Vienna and the times we spent there. Wish us luck and speed in finding a new home!

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